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Restoration of The Mansion

The restoration in Argyros Mansion of the demolished living room by the earthquake of 1956, the cracks and the restoration of the whole building, began in 1987 with the initiative of George Argyros, grandson of the first owner, where he and his wife Angela supervised all operations. The objects have been kept in the rest of the house and in warehouses in Athens.

The most difficult part of the restoration was the wall and the roof of the living room that had collapsed.

The paintings are different from the rest of the mansion’s because they had been re- created based on the evidence that wanted the ceiling picturing four great ancient Greeks, Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles and Homer.

After the completion of the work, painting the exterior in its original color, the renovation of yards and auxiliary spaces converted the Argyros mansion into an unequaled aesthetic masterpiece and ready to “travel” you to another era of glory and prosperity. It is ready to introduce you to the magic and uniqueness of aspects of life in Santorini that you will not find elsewhere across the island.

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