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The Mansion

The Argyros Mansion is the only mansion open to the public on the island of Santorini and the most elegant witness of the 18th and 19th century architectural lines plus the most alive “representative” that reflects the everyday life of those centuries in the most elegant way.

Long before Santorini won the hearts of visitors with its unique beauty, its wines were famous around the world and the Argyros family played an important role in winemaking and wine exportation.

At the Argyros family Mansion today’s visitors can enjoy a tour on the 19th century daily life and hear the “heartbeat” of the island’s mighty vine growers and wine traders.

Wander in the Argyros Mansion under the carefully painted ceilings, with the sophisticated patterns and the bright colors.

Watch the delicate details in the furniture and the decorations, take a closer look to the carefully chosen and prepared with love hand- made furniture that came here from around the world.

Live a day of a Santorinian family of 19th century and coddle the well made planked with lacy quilts beds and listen to your steps on the masterfully crafted wooden floors to feel and witness the beauty of a bygone era of the island.

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