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Europa Nostra Award

In 1997 Argyros Mansion was awarded with the Europa Nostra Award as a memorial conservation of cultural heritage.

What is the “Europa Nostra” institution:

EUROPA NOSTRA founded in 1963 as a Federation of European environment and heritage organizations. Intervene when necessary, for environmental reasons in all countries of Europe.

Since 1978 EUROPA NOSTRA award prizes for the successful emergence of sites of natural beauty and for the restoration of buildings of significant cultural interest.

EUROPA NOSTRA works closely with the Council of Europe and the European Union. Since 2002 EUROPA NOSTRA organizes and carries out the competition of the awards on behalf of the European Commission.

EUROPA NOSTRA has intervened several times to help Greece on the natural environment and cultural heritage matters.


The Argyros Mansion also has been declared by the Greek Ministry of Culture as a masterpiece including a 50 m protected zone around the property. (YPPO/DILAP/G/21338/1337/24.5.85, GG 351/v/31.5.85, HMC / DILAP / G/33932/2133/14.9.88)

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